Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Jacob Van Pamel

Jacob creates clean and solid tattoos based on your design or his and his light-hearted personality will help make your tattoo experience an easy going and a fun one.  Jacob is our newest Triumph Team member and has been with us since July 2017.
For appointments or inquiries, email or stop by the shop!
We are open 7 Days a Week: 
Sunday-Thursday 12pm-8pm & Friday and Saturday 12pm-10pm. 
 P:360.755.1391 W:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Artist Spotlight: George Patton

Hello Everyone!
Today we are highlighting some work done by our resident tattooer, magician, wizard, and psychedelic artist, George Patton.  George is a highly skilled tattooer who has a vast skill set and tattoo tricks up his sleeve.  His combination of deceptive simplicity and composition of his designs transfer well into long-term and ageless tattoo's.  If you are looking for a clean, bold tattoo or if you are looking to get weird with your design, we recommend checking out George's work.

George Patton tattoos with us every other Friday's through Monday.  
For appointments and inquiries email us at or come on in!  
We are open 7 Days a Week: Sunday-Thursday 12pm-8pm & Friday and Saturday 12pm-10pm. 
For more information check out our website: 
IG: @theoriginaltriumphtattoo

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Open 7 Days a Week!

To schedule or for inquiries, e-mail us at or stop in!
Sunday-Thursday 12pm-8pm
Friday and Saturday 12pm-10pm.
P: 360.755.1391
IG: @theoriginaltriumphtattoo