Thursday, June 25, 2015

Snag a spot with Brandon Bobst!

Happy Thursday Everyone!
The super awesome Brandon Bobst just had a spot open up for tomorrow Friday 6/26/15 from 3-8pm.  Walk-ins and appointments welcome, but an appointment will guarantee you a spot.
Call the shop or come in!  #360 755 1391.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jason Kunz Tattoos

Here are a few recent tattoos by Jason Kunz.  Enjoy!
Raccoon in a flower frame, one sitting tattoo.

Elephant in a rose frame, one sitting tattoo.

Crazy detail octopus 1/2 sleeve tattoo.

Sleeve by Jason Kunz.  
Don't forget to follow Jason on IG @jasonkunz and out shop @theoriginaltriumphtattoo 


We had such a great day at Triumph Tattoo and we are left feeling very grateful for all of our awesome customers.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!  Because without you we couldn't what we do.... we are having another $200 GIFT CERTIFICATE GIVEAWAY!  This time the format is a little different and it's a little old fashioned.   How do I get entered into this awesome GIVEAWAY?!  
1.) Come in and get tattooed during the month of July and your name is entered into our sweet giveaway. It's as simple as that.  Can't wait to get this rolling!  <3
PS: We know this photo isn't tattoo related but this gentlemen was just too awesome not to post. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Drawing that on

People will often talk about "their" artist who only draws his tattoos on, who "free-hands" it every-time.  In actuality there are times when a stencil is the better and smarter choice and there are times when drawing the image on is the better route.  A skilled tattooer knows when to do which.  
Drawn- on tattoo design by "Tiny" Jim Herman. 
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Walk-Ins Welcome!

It is true, we do take walk-ins anytime our schedule permits 7 DAYS A WEEK!!!!

Rose armpit tattoo by Brandon Bobst

Lettering by Jim Herman

Gypsy mermaid by Mark Stewart

Rose cover-up by Jason Kunz

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