Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Setting the record straight about what we do here, at Triumph Tattoo:

Contrary to things we have heard, no, Triumph is not a flash only shop. Meaning we do much more than just flash.  Don’t get me wrong, we have loads of awesome images all over the shop, and to be honest, we often wish more people would pick them. Why?  Because we have a flash collection ranging in images from the past to the present and everything in between.  Traditional flash (Sailor Jerry for example, to current tattooers who are killing it in the tattoo world, including, but not limited to Ben Siebert, Derek Noble, Steve Turner etc.)

So remember folks, we are a custom shop, meaning: we will draw what you want, go off images you bring in or see in our books, and yes, we will still happily tattoo a piece of flash on you.
Enough about that, come get tattooed!