Monday, May 18, 2015

Walk-Ins welcome with guest Artist Dustin Barnes 5/21-5/24/15!!

With our shop down from 6 full time artists to 4, we have had to turn away a lot of walk ins, therefore, we are excited to have Dustin Barnes coming out this week.  We know that for spontaneous customers coming in as a walk-in is where it's at and we hope we can start fitting everyone in. Fingers crossed because we greatly dislike turning people away.  
Walk-ins are more than welcome. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


To those who think that having your WA State Tattoo license makes you a qualified tattooer think again because literally anyone can get one.  All WA State requires is:
 1.) you're at-least 18 years old.  2.) Have a blood borne cert. 3.) Mail the state $250.

Customers, clients, friends, people who don't know us, remember that.
You're smart, look at portfolios, use your brain, ask questions,make educated decisions.


The tattoo on the left was done elsewhere and is only 6 months old.  The customer that came in with that tattoo was less than pleased and for good and obvious reasons. Plainly stated she got a bad tattoo.  It always bums us out when people come in with tattoos like these that need major re-working.  We are thankful that the artists at our shop have the skills to re-work tattoos like these but it also means that by the time the customer gets to us they've 1.) already financially paid for the tattoo once and will be paying again.  2.) we have to work with what is already there which is always a double whammy being a poorly done and designed tattoo.  While we can give your tattoo a new life and hopefully make you proud to show if off, if customers would just come to us the firs time around they could get something really rad for less money.  We do a lot of re-works and cover-ups here, to all of those customers, please help us spread the word! #cometousfirst  

Re-work by Jason Kunz.